The Center is really independent, as the project has no sponsors, investors, grant-givers, and the like. It is a joint initiative of UNIAN, TV 5 Kanal, City TV, “Gazeta Po-Kiyevskiy” daily, and radio 106 Fm

Видео дня

Working hours: 17:00 (30 September) – 12.00 (1 October)

For journalists, politicians, sociologists, and NGOs representatives, who will work in UNIAN, as well as for all Internet users in Ukraine and abroad, who are interested in the Ukrainian elections, UNIAN will open its on-line news for free in Ukrainian, Russian, and English languages from 9:00 on 28 September (Friday) to 20:00 on 1 October (Monday).

Foreign journalists, who arrived in Ukraine to cover the election, are invited to a press-center in UNIAN (4 Khreshchatyk Str.), where you can get acquainted with the latest news and can work in the Internet (Wi-Fi is available).

During 21.00 of September 30-11.00 of October 1, famous politicians,  public figures, journalists, experts, political scientists, representatives of political HQs, NGOs chiefs, and sociologists, will come to UNIAN to hold their press conferences, roundtables, public hearings and discussions concerning the election-2007.

UNIAN correspondents from regions, NGOs representatives, other reporters, will broadcast the latest news by telephone or e-mail. These news will be immediately discussed in the conference halls.

TV 5 Kanal, City TV, and 106 FM Radio will broadcast live news from the UNIAN conference halls.

Besides, the video of everything that happens in UNIAN will be available in the Internet at

All the developments, taking place in “Parliamentary Night-2007” Multi-Media Center, are covered in on-line news products of the agency.

A club free discussion of journalists and NGOs representatives will take place in the Multi-Media Center (from 4.00 to 8.00 a.m. of October 1).

An ironical museum call “So This Is It – the Ukrainian Election” will operate in UNIAN building. Every politician, visiting the news agency, must replenish the Museum with his/her original exhibit.

A photo-exhibition and an exhibition of political caricatures will take place in the news agency’s building.

At 19.30 on Sunday, the Parliamentary Night will be traditionally opened by Committee of Voters of Ukraine chief Ihor Popov.

At 20.15 the word will be given to representatives of non-government organizations.

At 21.00 “Political Scientists Before and After the Exit-Poll” action will begin. Part One “Political Scientists Before the Exit-Poll. Who Dares to Forecast?”

At 21.45 “Democratic Initiatives” chief Ilko Kucheriv will tell how they prepared and carried out the exit-poll this year.

21.55 – 22.00 – technical interval for establishing TV-cameras.

At 22.00 – exit-polls will be announced in both UNIAN conference halls. Everybody who carried them out are invited. All the announced exit-poll results are recorded on video and are posted at UNIAN web site in a form of video-files.

At 23.00 – Part Two of “Political Scientists Before and After the Exit-Poll” action.

During 23.45 – 04.00 – Time for politicians. Spokesmen of the parties, which took part in the election, lawyers, headquarters employees, other specialists are invited.

4.00 – 8.00 – a free club discussion, which will be directly broadcast in the Internet.

8.00 – 10.00 – the time for politicians and experts

10.00 – 11.00 – foreign observers will publicize their conclusions

For additional information contact

Oksana Romaniuk

Chief of UNIAN English news service

+38 050 446 39 12