“Parliamentary Night-2007” Multi-Media information center  operates in UNIAN news agency round-the-clock. The schedule of the center’s work is as follows:

At 18.00 – a press conference of leading political scientists and experts, in particular, of Gorshenin Institute and the Agency for Modeling Situations

At 19.00 – press conference “Particularities of Program-Ideological Discussion (Debates) at Early Election of 2007”. The press conference participants are: Ihor Kohut (the Laboratory of Legislative Initiatives), Ihor Burakovskiy (the Institute of Political Research and Economical Consultations), Ihor Koliushko (“Center for Political and Legal Reforms” NGO), Olha Kolovitskova (the Institute of Managing Public Dimensions), and Roman Kobets (“Ideal Country” NGO).

At 19.30 – Ukrainian Regional Active Bloc leader Liudmyla Suprun will present UNIAN museum a sample of “white Party of Regions”.

At 20.00 – Committee of Voters of Ukraine chairman Ihor Popov and CVU spokesman Oleksander Chernenko will inform about their preliminary evaluation of the voting process.

At 20.30 – a briefing of Party of Regions spokesman Maksym Lutsko (#182 in the electoral list) about the course of the election and the work of the headquarters.

At 21.00 – a press conference on results of the electoral monitoring of news TV-programs, national and regional newspapers, web-sites, political talk-shows, televised debates, and political programs at 10 central TV-channels of Ukraine. The monitoring was carried out to study the state of following journalist standards, rights of journalists and mass media. Participants of the press-conference: Natalia Ligachova (Telekritika), Victoria Siumar (IMI), Tetiana Kotiuzhynska (Association of Media-Lawyers), Valeriy Ivanov (“Academy of Ukrainian Press” international charitable fund), and Oleksander Chekmyshev (“Equal Opportunities” committee).

At 21.40 – 21.50 – interval for establishing additional TV-cameras.

At 21.50 – a briefing: a prompt information about carrying out the National exit-poll.

At 22.01 – the results of the National Exit-Poll are publicized. Participants:

“Democratic Initiatives” Fund, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, and the Ukrainian Center for Economical and Political Researched named after Oleksander Razumkov.

At 23.00 – 24.00 – press conferences, briefings of party representatives:

Anna GERMAN (#48 in the Party of Regions’ list);

Anatoliy Matviyenko, Lilia Hryhorovych (OU-PSD).

1 October

00.00 – 00.01 – a press conference of Sviatoslav Piskun (#31 in the Party of Regions’ list);

01.00 – 01.30 – a briefing on the specified data of the exit poll. Participants: Ilko Kucheriv (“Democratic Initiatives” Fund), Valeriy Khmilko and Volodymyr Paniotto (KMIS), representatives of international sociological companies QEA Analytics and the Analytical Center of Yuri Levada.

01.30 – 02.00 – a briefing of the International Association for Human Rights – the Ukrainian section “Results of Voting (assessments, observation of the legislation, analytical information) in Jails in Twenty Regions of Ukraine”. Participants:

organization’s Ukrainian section chief Andriy Sukhorukov, projects department chief Volodymyr Brushchenko, projects manager Beniamin Babadzhanian.

02.00 – 09.00 – Briefings, press conferences.

09.00 – press conference of “Opora” GM.

10.00 – Statement of the official delegation of international observers from the International Republican Institute of USA.

11.00 – Assessment of the voting process by the Committee of Voters of Ukraine. Participants: CVU chief I.Popov and spokesman A.Chernenko.

11.30 – 12.00 – press conferences, briefings of politicians and political scientists.

12.00 – conclusions of the observation mission of the Congress of Ukrainian of Canada. Experts will publicize their assessment of the extraordinary election to the Verkhovna Rada on the basis of observing the election in 15 regions of Ukraine.

13.00 – 13.30 – press conferences, briefings of: Vitaliy Bali (director of the Agency for Modeling Situations), Yaroslav Pavlovskiy (expert of the Agency for Modeling Situations), Oleksiy Holobutskiy (expert of the Agency for Modeling Situations), Volodymyr Fesenko (“Penta” center for applied investigations chairman), Oleksiy Haran (School of political analytics and the Kyiv Mohyla Academy), Oleksander Derhachov (political scientist), Kost Bondarenko (political scientist), Dmytro Vydrin (political scientist), Vadym Karasyov (director of the Institute for Global Strategies), Andriy Okara (docent of the Russian State Service Academy at the RF President).

At 14.30 – briefings of international observers at the early parliamentary election in Ukraine.