On 15th of December 2020, the 1+1 media group (1+1 Studio TV and Radio Company LLC) received confirmation of its membership in the International Format Recognition and Protection Association (FRAPA). From now on, the media holding will receive additional protection of its intellectual property at the international level and, as an authorized member of FRAPA, will have access to a number of services related to defending the rights of member companies, including format registration, study and expert opinions on possible plagiarism, creation of a format bible, consultations on market valuation, etc.

“FRAPA members and management include reputable broadcasters, formatters, distributors, producers and other members of the media industry from around the world. The membership of the Ukrainian media holding in the association, which guards the rules of fair play among broadcasters around the world, gives us hope that the Ukrainian TV industry will reach a new stage of development and establish itself in the international arena. As a company that adheres to the principles of fair competition and mutual respect among all Ukrainian and global market players, as well as fights piracy at all levels, we would like the 1+1 media experience to be useful to other companies. Although the organization’s decisions are not statutory, FRAPA membership gives its members many advantages and opportunities related to copyright,” said Yaroslav Pakholchuk, CEO of 1+1 Media.

The special feature and main difference between FRAPA and classical legal organizations is that the association seeks to resolve any disputes among mediators through pre-trial settlement, offers mediation services and primarily appeals to moral standards. The activities of the association extend beyond its active members: FRAPA has been working with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for several years, acting as a pre-trial advisor on copyright issues.