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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he is convinced Ukraine will "get everything to a penny" from Russia's gas giant Gazprom in accordance with a Stockholm arbitration court ruling.

"I have no doubt Ukraine will get everything to a penny," he told three Ukrainian TV channels.

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On February 28, Naftogaz received the final decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal ordering that Gazprom should pay Naftogaz $4.63 billion. The award means Gazprom has to make payments to Naftogaz in the order of $2.56 billion after residual payments for gas delivered in 2014 and 2015 have been settled.

However, he noted that the victory in the Stockholm arbitration was important not because of the funds, but because of its geopolitical significance.

Poroshenko recalled the course of all so-called "gas wars" when the Russian Federation made Ukraine guilty of problems with the supply of gas to the EU.

"Look how different things are now. First of all, the position of the Russian Federation that it will not pay is a weak position. This, as you know, says: you don't wave your fists after a fight. There are international conventions, there is an impeccable legal position, there is a qualified team of Ukrainian lawyers of Naftogaz, Ukrainian diplomats who will provide it one hundred percent. If this is not the case, the team of lawyers, pursuant to my instruction, will work on the arrest and secure the levy of the corresponding amounts," he stressed.