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An attempt by a Russian gas monopoly, Gazprom, to expose Ukraine and Naftogaz as unreliable partners has failed, that's according to a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State, Heather Nauert.

"Ukraine citizens have inspired the world by pulling together to reduce gas consumption by 14% last week to ensure reliable gas delivery to European customers. Gazprom has failed in its attempt to portray Ukraine & Naftogaz as unreliable transit partners," Nauert tweeted.

The official underlined: "Gas supply and transit must never be a political weapon," adding that Washington expects that Gazprom will "supply gas to Ukraine's transit pipeline per Stockholm Arbitration decision".

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As UNIAN reported earlier, Gazprom must pay Naftogaz of Ukraine $2.56 billion after losing a gas dispute heard by the Stockholm Arbitration.

A daily penalty of $500,000 is imposed until Gazprom launches corresponding payments to the Ukrainian company. As of March 7, some $3.5 million in penalties has been accumulated.

Against the backdrop of the latest defeat in the Stockholm Arbitration, Gazprom announced its intention to terminate in court all contracts with Naftogaz (on gas supply and transit), also moving to reduce the pressure in Ukraine's gas transmission system, which complicated gas transit to Europe. However, the European Commission said that Ukraine fulfilled all of its obligations on gas supplies.

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