The NBU said it bought $6.2 million on the interbank market at a rate of UAH 12.9088 per dollar, and $3.149 billion was sold at a rate of UAH 12.9490 per dollar, along with EUR 20 million at a rate of UAH 16.5115 per euro.

The balance of intervention from the beginning of the year is negative, i.e. the sale of currency exceeds its purchase, and now it amounts to $7.844 billion.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in January-February 2014 the National Bank of Ukraine spent $3.637 billion of its exchange reserves to support the hryvnia, and after the transition to a flexible means of exchange rate formation on the foreign exchange market in February it decided to scale back its interventions.

In September, the MBU sold $478.2 million and EUR 199.4 million more on the interbank market than it purchased.