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As of today, Ukroboronprom has paid UAH 1 billion worth of wage arrears to Kvarsit, and UAH 380 million worth of compulsory payments, including taxes and payments to social funds.

Ukroboronprom intends to pay all debts to Kvarsit by March of the current year. Kvarsit’s management is counting on the money they expect to raise through the sale of their products, the concern reports.

The enterprise’s new management are doing everything they can to establish ties with potential partners, in order to recommence operations at the enterprise in full, and to use all of its capacities, the report reads.

Kvarsit is the largest former Soviet manufacturer of customized quartz ceramic products. Among other things, the enterprise produces radiotransparent heat resistant pyroceramic nose cones for guided aircraft missiles and air-defense missile systems.