U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry says production-sharing agreements are very important to the future development of the resources in Ukraine.

"You have got to have open and transparent tenders. The implementation of production sharing agreements. I cannot tell you how important that is to the future of this country. Those production-sharing agreements are so important to the future development of the resources of this country," he said at Kyiv's Diplomatic Academy on November 12, 2018. "They will encourage that private sector firm to come, to invest, bring in advanced technology and know-how to help Ukraine develop its own resources."

"I see a future in this country that's incredibly bright with partners who are ready to come and stand shoulder to shoulder with you. Those types of approaches will encourage the U.S. to share our energy, our energy know-how, so that together we both can prosper," he added.

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Perry called on Ukraine's authorities to act on policies supporting the rule of law and rooting out corruption.

"Now is the time to act on policies that will allow you to move out from under the shadow of Moscow. Such policies must support the rule of law. They must help root out economic corruption. They must promote healthy competition and vibrant gas and electricity markets. They will advance information sharing, such as the geological data that was just made public here within the last few days, and that transparency that goes with making that information available, giving that information to companies that want to come and invest in Ukraine," he said.