"These are [the adoption of] a program for the reform of state enterprises, the adoption of the bills to strengthen the independence of the National Bank, a change in the healthcare financing system, and the enactment of the bill on natural gas market. There are a number of laws," Jaresko said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the International Monetary Fund approved a new four-year lending program for Ukraine worth a total of $17.5 billion. The first tranche of $5 billion was received on March 13.

The second and all subsequent tranches of the IMF are to be granted on the basis of quarterly assessment missions of the IMF, the first of which is expected to arrive on June 15.

Under the new program, in 2015 Ukraine may receive about $16.3 billion from external sources, including $10 billion through the International Monetary Fund. Another $1.8 billion may be attracted from the European Union and $2 billion to be provided by the U.S. government.