Ukraine and Poland share the view that the construction and commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline are unacceptable, posing a threat to all of Europe.

"We spend some time talking energy security, and here we speak with Poland in a unanimous voice: Nord Stream -2 is unacceptable as it poses a threat to all of Europe," Zelensky said Aug 31, during a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, during the Ukrainian president's two-day official visit to Poland.

"At the same time, we stand for diversifying energy sources, as well as energy cooperation in the Poland-U.S.-Ukraine triangle," said the head of the Ukrainian state.

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UNIAN memo. The Nord Stream 2 project envisages the construction and operation of two gas pipeline branches with a total throughput capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. It should connect Russia's Ust-Lug and Germany's Greifswald.

This new pipeline bypassing Ukraine is to be built next to the existing Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The construction of the pipeline should be completed before the end of 2019. The pipeline will be 1,220 km long.

The project is being implemented by Russia's Gazprom in alliance with European companies – ENGIE, Uniper, OMV, Shell, and Wintershall.

Ukraine stands against the construction of Nord Stream 2 as it will most likely lose its status of a gas transit country, while its potential revenue losses are estimated at $3 billion annually. The project is also highly criticized by the U.S., Poland, and Baltic States.