“The benefits of LNG are huge, because this type of resource does not need pipelines. The system of preparation, transportation and storage of blue fuel in compressed or liquefied form will allow the company to gasify remote settlements, as well as provide fuel for equipment with internal combustion engines (in the absence of the possibility or economic inexpediency to lay gas pipelines). In addition, transporting LNG by road, rail or sea is much cheaper than pumping gas through trunk pipelines,” the company said.

Recall, LLC PIVNICHGAZRESURS is a stable supplier of natural gas at an unregulated tariff in the fuel and energy market of Ukraine. Today, the company successfully operates in 24 regions of Ukraine and enters the orbit of the companies of the Technics group. Scientists and highly qualified specialists are actively working on the introduction of new technologies that allow the company to constantly improve work efficiency.

At the same time, the company is in a tough competitive environment. LLC PIVNICHGAZRESURS constantly has to deal with unscrupulous partners who actively desecrate the company's image. An example of such a stuffing is an article on the dubious resource EADaily, which refers to the allegedly fictitious company LLC PIVNICHGAZRESURS as well as inadequate authorized capital to participate in the tender of the state-owned company UGV.

It is noteworthy that the news agency EADaily is a Russian chauvinistic resource that promotes imperial ideas. The site actively supports the DPR and LPR, takes an anti-Ukrainian position.

The EADaily news agency is part of the Kremlin’s false information policy and is actively working for Russian propaganda. This is confirmed by the fact that the publication EADaily has repeatedly published materials that talked about the threat of Belarusian nationalism. Moreover, according to the Belarusian website BELAST TV, EADaily is campaigning for the collapse and entry of Belarus into the Russian Federation.