Ukraine's trade blockade against Russia spreads to Transnistria border

22:20, 22 September 2015
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In its third day, an economic blockade of Crimea organized by the peninsula's native Tatars spread to another border - the Russia-backed territory of Transnistria, according to Ukraine Today.

Just 60 kilometers away from the Black Sea port city of Odesa, at the border with Moldova's breakaway region of Transnistria, dozens of activists gathered near the Kuchurgan checkpoint and threatended to set up another roadblock, Ukraine Today reports.

The check point leads to the Russian-backed enclave where Moscow keeps thousands of troops. Transnistria, which broke from Moldova in 1990, has long sought to join Russia and the West fears the narrow sliver of land on the Dniestr river will be Moscow's next target.

"This is a warning action. For instance, if we close off the cargo traffic and close off the railway, there will be simply no Transniestria on the following day," one of the activists said.

"Our next plan is - if they do not understand this - to close a railway hub, because there is a factory MMZ, Moldovan Metallurgy Factory, which is a basis factory of Transnistria. If we do not let to get there, they are completely dependent on Ukraine, they buy waste metal from Ukraine, and they send their products to the whole world through Ukraine," he added.

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