"We talk a lot to our political experts and they think that with the strong support Ukraine has on Capitol Hill with the Senate and the House of Representatives, that no question who is the next president is, democrat or republican, there will be a much stronger support for Ukraine, for Europe and a much more aggressive confrontation with the expansion that Russia seems to be involved in,” said Williams, according to Ukraine Today.

"They [American businesses] are still very optimistic because they feel very strongly that this is the best government Ukraine has ever had,” he said. “You have a lot of again, very well educated, western-orientated, internationally-orientated people here that want to move Ukraine towards Europe and the whole atmosphere is different."

The Council, non-for-profit organization, has been promoting commercial bridges across the Atlantic for some two decades, arranging regular meetings with government and business leaders, supporting public advocacy efforts and helping enterprises overcome the barriers of day-to-day business.

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