As reported, the measures were taken late October that actually led to the cessation of the company, which collaborated with the Russian side for several years.

Director and Chief Designer of the local company were trying to informally employ Ukrainian specialists (designers, engineers, pipe manufacturers, electricians) at the Russian shipbuilding holding company.

According to authorities, the company officials formed a group of experts from the shipbuilding industry, who were planned to be involved in the construction of warships for the neighboring country.

Read alsoSBU busts pro-terrorist Novorossiya TV broadcasters in Kyiv"Besides the fact that the company cooperated with a specialized company of the aggressor state, it lacked necessary permits from the State Export Control  to perform work outside Ukraine, which is associated with the construction of warships," the SBU said.

The SBU has announced official warnings to both the director, and the chief designer over revealed violations.

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