"Russia's Finance Ministry together with Dmitry Kozak have put us in very tught limits. The fulfillment of the revenue part of the budget will be divided: 70% will remain with us, and we can distribute it, while 30% will be spent for the repayment of subsidies," Crimean "Finance Ministry chief" Vladimir Levandovskiy said.

According to Levandovskiy, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation firces the Crimean government to plan the costs so that no changes are introduced over the year. "They have found a method: if we make adjustments, and they see that is incorrectly planned expenditures, therefore, this sum will be spent for the repayment of subsidies, and if they see that it was done for objective reasons, they will allow us to leave 50%, while 50% will [still] be spent for the repayment," he said.

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