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Sales revenue rose 8.66% to RUB 6.073 trillion and the net debt increased 26.2% to RUB 2.083 trillion in the period, according to PRIME.

Gazprom's net revenue from gas sales went up 15% to RUB 3.427 trillion: its net revenue from domestic gas sales contracted 2% to RUB 805.615 billion, net revenue from gas sales to CIS countries grew 4% to RUB 429.66 billion and from gas sales to non-CIS countries rose 24% to RUB 2.165 trillion.

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Capital expenditures grew 10.1% to RUB 1.344 trillion, including RUB 220.2 billion in gas production, RUB 324.3 billion in production of oil and gas condensate, RUB 420.8 billion in transportation of hydrocarbons, RUB 26.962 billion in the field of gas supplies and RUB 48.48 billion in gas storage.

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