Britain's gross domestic product stood at 1.864 trillion pounds in 2015, according to the last available figures from the International Monetary Fund, Reuters reported.

The average exchange rate for the year in question is commonly used for comparisons between countries. But using the current exchange rate, France has pulled slightly ahead, Reuters wrote.

With the pound falling below 1.17 euros overnight for the first time since 2013, that means the size of the British economy in 2015 is now equivalent to EUR 2.172 trillion – less than France's official GDP of EUR 2.182 trillion last year.

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But volatile exchange rates meant the figures were hard to pin down. Britain briefly regained fifth spot after the pound broke above 1.17 euros for a few hours on Wednesday, only to sag again in mid-afternoon trade.

Britain and France, which have similar populations, have swapped positions before in the rankings.

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