Besides, the NBU official has noted that the business day on November 11, 2016, coincided with Election Day in the U.S., which is  a public holiday. During such periods, the forex market experiences an excess demand for foreign currency for one or two days resulting from shortages in  foreign exchange receipts that are entered to the accounts of Ukrainain banks, reads a statement published on the NBU website.

However, these factors are expected to be short-lived and will not trigger the volatility of the hryvnia, which would be inconsistent with meeting the inflation targets  (12 +/- 3%  for 2016 and 8 +/- 2% for 2017), according to Ponomarenko.

Read alsoUkraine sees 1.8% GDP growth in Q3 year-on-yearThe official added that the interbank forex market situation remains stable due to large inflows of foreign exchange proceeds from grain and sunflower oil exports, which have been recorded since mid-September.  

"We expect this factor to continue to play a key role in shaping  FX market conditions until the end of the year," reads the statement.