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The expert named Ukraine a country where he is particularly excited to see a significant EV infrastructure rollout, according to Cleantechnica.

“The number of CHAdeMO stations in Ukraine suddenly exploded. As well as the market for EVs,” he said.

Read alsoUkraine boosts vehicle output by over 77% in nine months“Ukraine has very low priced electricity (nuclear, for good or bad), and does not emit very much CO2. Ukraine is among the top in share of nuclear on the grid, after France,” Irle went on to say.

“The Norwegian market is currently well above 10% in new vehicle sales, Hong Kong has been sometimes been but not constantly. Iceland, Sweden, Ukraine, and Belgium are currently above 2%, with Iceland coming close to 8% and Sweden touching 4%,” the expert said.

The analyst has added that already by 2020, 10 markets will be above 10% in sales, during that complete year.