Over the nine months of 2020, gas supplies from Europe to Ukraine set a record high at 14.8 billion cubic meters, which is 28% more on year, Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine says.

"For 9 months of 2020, LLC Gas TSO of Ukraine transmitted 14.8 billion cubic meters of gas from Europe to Ukraine as booked by Network Users. This is 28% (3.2 bcm) more than in the same period last year. Transmission volumes from European countries are 62% higher than the average values over the same periods in 2016-2019," the company press service reports.

Ukraine imports only a third of supplied gas amounts, the report says, adding that the rest goes at the request of traders for the intake to underground gas storage facilities.

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Read alsoUkrainian gas stocks grow by 1.4% to 28.1 bcm over weekSince year-start, 9.8 billion cubic meters of import volumes have been transmitted to underground storage facilities in the customs warehouse mode. Of these volumes, some 62% (or 6.1 bcm) came in the shorthaul – customs warehouse mode and 38% (3.8 bcm) in the border – customs warehouse mode.

Over the nine months of 2020, imports from Slovakia amounted to almost 9.7 bcm (+ 33% on year), from Hungary – almost 3.7 bcm (+14%), and from Poland – almost 1.5 bcm (+33%).

Seventy-two traders have booked transmission from the EU to Ukraine in January-September, including 45 Ukrainian companies and 27 foreign ones. Also, more than 50 companies, mostly non-residents, used shorthaul services and the customs warehouse mode.

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  • Ukraine in 2019 increased natural gas imports by 34.4%, or 3.65 bcm, up to 14.25 bcm.
  • In 2018, Ukraine's gas imports shrank 24.6% on year to 10.59 bcm.