Photo from UNIAN, Oleksandr Prokopenko

Ukrainian company AutoKrAZ has been awarded a three-year contract to supply the U.S. Army Contracting Command with KrAZ 4x4 heavy-duty vehicles and spares.

The vehicles ordered include personnel transports, flatbed trucks, water- and fuel tankers, Army Recognition reports.

The agreement has been assigned by US21, a leading supplier of integrated products, services and logistics to the U.S. Department of Defense, national security agencies, federal civilian agencies, prime contractors, and non-profits worldwide.

Read alsoZelensky and Biden may meet in Europe – Ukrainian President's OfficeThe vehicles might be made available to U.S. allies or UN peacekeeping operations, the report suggests, adding that the move to purchase Ukrainian trucks could be a show of support for the country amid the ongoing conflict with Russia-led forces in Donbas.


The company today is a leader of the Ukrainian automotive industry ranked in top ten of heavy-duty truck makers.

It is the only complete cycle manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks in Ukraine.

AutoKrAZ manufactures a wide range of trucks and spares, trailers and semi-trailers. Moreover, the automobile plant makes grinding balls for mining companies, car casting and various tools.

KrAZ lineup includes 33 base models, about 350 versions and over 1500 configurations of two-, three- and four-axle conventional and cabover trucks. These are dump trucks, truck tractors, platform trucks, timber and short log trucks, chassis cabs trucks used for conversion into special vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers.

Production of KrAZ trucks is oriented to core market segments: building industry, road industry and public services, mining and logging industry, oil and gas sector, armed forces, and disaster response units.