The United States Department of Defense has reportedly awarded to Ukraine's Iskra, which is part of the UkrOboronProm defense giant, a contract for the supply of a new radar system.

Iskra's head designer Dmytro Semionov in an interview with said another contract was signed just recently, Defence-Blog reports.

"We have a successful experience in supplying radars to the United States. As far as we know, these radars are actively used and customers are completely satisfied with the quality of the delivered products," Semionov said. “Moreover, our cooperation with American partners is expanding: just a few days ago, another contract was signed for the supply of our radar systems to the United States.”

Ukraine already supplies to the U.S. Army its air-defense radars, including the newest 36D6M1-1 3D mobile radar.

ImportGenius, a website tracking the import/export activity, the U.S. Army Contracting Command received the 36D6M1-1 3D mobile air-defense radar system from Ukraine in 2018.

Read alsoUkroboronprom to be reorganized into nine holdings, deputy PM saysThe mobile 3D air space surveillance 36D6-M1 radar is designed as a part of modern automated Air Defense systems, Anti-Aircraft Missile Complexes, being capable of detecting low altitude targets amid active and passive jamming as well as ensuring Air Traffic Control both for military and civil purposes.

In January 2019, the Ukraine Air Force Il-76 cargo plane with air surveillance radar on board conducted what the outlet called a "mystery flight" to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Most likely, the article suggests, the U.S. air force and the army are using the new Ukrainian radar systems to train their troops.

Iskra: Memo

Zaporizhia-based SE Scientific and Production Complex Iskra is a leading developer and manufacturer of ground-based radar technology for Ukraine's defense industry.

The Complex includes a Design Bureau and a Machine Building Plant.

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