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Dmytro Khylyuk

Dmytro Khylyuk

Correspondent, reporter of UNIAN
He became a journalist in 2005. But that was unplanned. After completing postgraduate studies at Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, he got a job offer from a news agency. Hyluk accepted it. From day one, he loved the profession. However, in the beginning, it was hard. A single article he could write a whole hour because of fear to miss or to misinterpret something. However, he adored the opportunity to reveal the lies of politicians with his questions. In fact, it motivates him even today: the ability to ask awkward questions to officials on behalf of people that have no opportunity to hold direct communication with these officials. During the whole period of his work, he became an expert in various topics - starting with the banking sector and the economy in general, then - politics: the Verkhovna Rada, the presidential administration. He worked as the correspondent in the news agencies "Context Media", "RBC-Ukraina", "Nezalezhne Biuro Novyn", "ForUm", "News24UA". Since December 2013, he is the correspondent of the Department of News Production of UNIAN. He specializes in questions of courts and law enforcement agencies.

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Dmytro Khylyuk Who owns the church?
11:20, 21 October 2018
Who owns the church?

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