17 October 2017
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Serial telephone bomber arrested in Kyiv

Kyiv police have detained a man who is supposedly responsible for 98 false reports on "bomb threats" on the city infrastructure.

 / mgorod.kz
/ mgorod.kz

"In one day alone, a 67-year-old resident of Kyiv called police 16 times with [false] reports on bomb threats at different locations. It is now established that since October of last year, he made 106 calls to police and in 98 cases he 'mined' all sorts of locations," the police press service reported.

The man is reported to have confessed to wrongdoing.

Gang arrested in Kyiv after another attack on online gambling clubThe law enforcers say the offender made the calls under the influence of alcohol. He is also registered as a patient of mental facilities.

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