Photo from UNIAN

Read alsoMemorial to Heavenly Hundred Heroes vandalized in Kyiv center (Photos)In a flashmob, participants symbolically recreated the dramatic episode of the Revolution of Dignity – the moment when security forces started shooting at the Maidan protesters on Institutska Street on Feb 20, 2014, an UNIAN correspondent reports.

A group of people walked up Institutska Street and, once "shots" were imitated by a military band, fell on the ground. After that, "Maidan protesters" were approached by "medical volunteers", but they were already lifeless, and their bodies were covered with sheets.

After that, all the participants moved up the alley, accompanied by a military band performing the March of the Cossacks and the Anthem of Ukraine.

At the end of the action, families of those killed on the Maidan laid flowers to the memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes.