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On July 7, Ukraine will celebrate the International Day of the Dnipro River, the third largest river in Europe. On this day, the EU-funded "European Union Water Initiative Plus for the Eastern Partnership" (EUWI+ East) project will summarize the results of a social media campaign for the prevention of phosphate pollution in the Dnipro River basin that it supported since the beginning of June.

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Initiated by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and State Agency of Water Resources, with the support of EUWI+ East, the campaign aimed to promote the use of phosphate-free (P-free) detergents in order to prevent the "blossoming" of algae in the river, EU Neighbours reported.

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During the campaign, a number of infographics were distributed in order to show the process whereby detergents containing phosphates act as a "fertilizer" for the blossoming of algae in the river. The EUWI+ East project has also developed a cartoon showing the impact of phosphate pollution on the water quality and biodiversity of the river.

As part of the campaign, a contest entitled "My favorite laundry detergent – without phosphorus compounds" was launched in order to collect information and create a list of recommended P-free detergents.