The children fled to Mariinsky Park /  Photo from

A mob of teens reportedly robbed a convenience store on Hrushevskoho Street in Kyiv's government quarter near Mariinsky Park on Sunday evening.

"I have just witnessed a very weird scene on Hrushevskoho [Street]. Children numbering about 50-70 individuals came running from the side of Arsenalna [metro station] and all at once robbed the store in front of Mariinsky Park," former journalist Angelina Bakalinskaya said on Facebook on October 7.

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According to her, there were about 20 teenagers aged about 15-16, the rest were 10-14 years old, or "even younger."

The children left the store carrying bottles, chewing gums, some of the stolen goods had anti-theft tags. They threw some goods away while walking down the street.

A car of a private security company arrived at the scene of the accident, but there were no patrol police. Meanwhile, the children fled back to the Arsenalna metro station.

"I'm frankly a little bit shocked at such a scene and the absence of police. There are usually patrol police around every corner in this area, as the Verkhovna Rada [Ukraine's parliament] and committees of the Cabinet of Ministers are one block from here," she wrote.