The city of Kyiv, Ukraine, is partnering with cloud software platform company, Pareteum Corporation, to bring Kyiv's smart city accelerator to Silicon Valley in cooperation with Pareteum strategic partner, wireless technology firm iPass.

The accelerator will provide start-up teams and developers of innovative civic products with access to infrastructure, data, systems and other resources of Kyiv, which has a population of four million, SmartCitiesWorld wrote.

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The accelerator will focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet of things, and the team in Kyiv will support scaling the best and the most innovative technology solutions with the assistance of social-impact funding. Successful technology pilots with the city will result in opportunities for startups and developers to sell the solution to other cities.

"Leveraging smart software solutions to increase global connectivity is what drives us at Pareteum," said Hal Turner, executive chairman and principal executive officer of Pareteum.

"We appreciate the city of Kyiv being our initial global partner for smart cities solutions and believe that together we can make a tremendous impact."

"Kyiv addresses global civic challenges by taking the Kyiv smart city programme to the next level," continued Vitaliy Klitschko, mayor of the city.

Pareteum and Kyiv will hold an innovation summit in Silicon Valley on November 15, 2018 at the iPass headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. Civic leaders from Ukraine will participate in this summit on the use of technology to address civic problems.

"We believe technology can play a powerful role in addressing civic issues of all kinds, and we are delighted to support Pareteum by hosting the Kyiv Smart City innovation summit," added Gary Griffiths, president and CEO of iPass.