Kyiv Police have raided a restaurant on Kyiv's Verkhovna Rada Blvd, disrupting senior mobsters' plans to discuss distribution of power and influence across Ukraine.

According to the police media liaison office, a native of Georgia and crime boss Lasha Jachvliani aka "Sfan"  who had been promoted to a top mob position in Tbilisi back in 1985 was heading the "gathering."

The foreign criminal leader sought to establish contacts with local kingpins and take burglars and robbers under own supervision, the police said.

It was established that, until 2017, Sfan was on the international wanted list for extortion and bribery in Italy. Also, he had earlier been detained in Kyiv for drug possession.

Law enforcers are now checking the grounds of Jachvliani's stay in Ukraine.

As was earlier reported, Georgian "criminal boss" Nodar Rustavsky and a Russian mobster "Poluzver" were detained in one of Kyiv's restaurants on February 20.