Photo from UNIAN

On International Women's Day, March 8, the Women's March is being held in Kyiv, where activists speak up against domestic, sexual, and psychological violence.

Hundreds of people gathered for the rally, many of them holding various posters saying  “No to violence, harassment, prostitution, rape!”, “My body is my business”, and “I am a trans-feminist woman. What have you achieved? ” according to an UNIAN correspondent.

One of the protesters was seen holding a rainbow flag of the LGBT community.

The Women's March page on Facebook says that the rally is set up to oppose far-right, domestic, sexual, economic and psychological violence, as well as "pressure and violence of the patriarchal structure."

Participants in the Women's March, in which male participants were also seen, said they support the adoption of the Istanbul Convention, urging, in particular, to ensure women's protection from violence, give them equal opportunities, and abolish gender stereotypes.

On cameras, participants threw in the garbage can the so-called “tools of oppression of patriarchy”, a frying pan and high-heeled shoes among them.

Among other things, the protesters stressed that they oppose the ban on the right to abortion and “kitchen slavery”.

The opponents of the March gathered nearby holding banners with slogans saying “God! Motherland! Patriarchate!”, “Feminism destroys Ukrainian families”, and “Modern feminism disfigures God’s image of a woman ”and flags, in particular, with the symbols of the “Tradition and Order” Movement.

The action participants and their opponents were separated by a police cordon.

An altercation was reported between the two opposing sides, while police forces quickly de-escalated the incident.

An aggressive protester from anti-feminist camp was detained, reports say.