Photo from UNIAN

On Monday, April 8, a teenage girl was mugged and raped as she was riding home from Kyiv on a local commuter train.

The 14-year-old victim was assaulted on route to Hrebinka, Kyiv region, according to First Deputy Head of the National Police, Viacheslav Abroskin.

In a Facebook posting, the top police official expressed his outrage over the crime committed and elaborated on the incident.

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The "scumbag," as Abrosking put it in his post, took from his victim her mobile phone and a gold necklace, and then performed a violent sexual act against the girl.

The perpetrator is 34 years old, the report reads.

As UNIAN reported earlier, in Kyiv's Obolon, two intoxicated male attackers gang-raped their female victim.

One of the suspects is a delivery courier, while another one is officially unemployed.