In August 2019 alone, Chornobyl was visited by about 15,000 tourists / Photo from UNIAN

Almost 75,000 people visited the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone in the eight months of 2019; foreigners accounted for 80% of them, according to the press service of SE "Center for Organizational, Technical and Information Support of the Exclusion Zone Management" (SE "COTIS").

In the eight months, the zone was visited by 59,698 people who came from abroad and by 14,973 Ukrainians, it said.

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Видео дня

"From among foreign visitors, Chornobyl is popular with those from Great Britain (10,381 people). Poland ranks second (6,544), followed by Germany (5,399), the United States (4,143), and the Czech Republic (2,829)," it said.

According to COTIS, visitors from as many as 130 countries, including Singapore, Chile, Mexico, Japan, came to visit Chornobyl.

As was earlier reported, about 15,000 tourists visited the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone in August 2019, which was five times more than at the beginning of the year.

Data from COTIS