Such levels are unhealthy / Screenshot from

Air pollution in Kyiv has reached its highest levels with the Air Quality Index (AQI) being 180 on the city's Nauky Avenue, which is 15 points higher than in China's Beijing.

According to AirVisual, an air pollution monitoring app, such levels are unhealthy.

High AQIs were also registered on Kyiv's Perova Boulevard (145) and Raiduzhny residential area (122).

The worst air quality in the Ukrainian capital was recorded on Nauky Avenue / Screenshot from

AQI between 0 and 50 is considered to be good.

On the top of the AirVisual list are the most polluted cities – Dhaka (Bangladesh) with 231, Lahore (Pakistan) with 203, and Delhi (India) with 190.

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In October, Kyiv has been suffering from an autumn smog. High levels of air pollution were recorded in the past several days. Residents of the Ukrainian capital share videos and photos of the foggy city on social media.

Kyiv City State Administration says it is not smog, but the so-called "temperature inversion." During the day, the air warms up and it gets cold at night, which is followed by fog if humidity is 100%.

The situation is being aggravated by the fact that residents of private houses inside and outside the city burn tree leaves and garbage, which also affects the quality of the air.