Photo from UNIAN

"One can bring here all types of packaging that can be recycled – made of metal, glass, plastic, etc. You can also bring things, batteries, small-sized gadgets and chargers and leave items that you want to give away to someone (reuse), such as books or decorative accessories, on a special shelf," chairperson of the public initiative Yevgehia Aratovska told 112 Ukraine.

Read alsoOver 20 tonnes of plastic bags collected in Kyiv recycling spree"Why have we created this area? Because, unfortunately, there is a problem with the sorting of garbage in Ukraine today. Points collecting recyclable materials accept only some types of them, containers are not available. This is an opportunity to see if waste could become a source of income. We will report to the public on how much we've collected and sold, whom it has been sold to, and how much we've earned," she added.