"At the same time, Desniansky district remained the cheapest, with an average cost of $869 per square meter, while Pechersk was the most expensive one, with an average selling price at $1,686 per square meter," the SV Development said in a statement.

Read alsoPrivate company launches solar park in Kyiv regionAccording to the company, the fall in prices for offices beyond business centers was observed in all of the Kyiv districts. Prices for office spaces dropped most in Desniansky (by 4.51%, to $869 per square meter), and least - in Darnytsky district (by 2.95%, to $987 per square meter).

UNIAN memo. SV Development is a consulting company involved in valuation and sale of land, residential real estate, and cottage townships. It has been operating in Ukraine's real estate market since 2005.

SV Development also includes SV REALTY real estate agency.