"Last year, Kyiv started to hold annual investment forums. We arranged a general forum then, and it focused on the city's general infrastructure. There were panels on the following topics: transport and utilities infrastructure, IT/a smart city, social development, and real estate. Over 500 people from 57 countries took part in the event then," he reminded.

Plis also noted that tourism accounted for a rather small share of the city's economy: 0.5% in 2015 and 1.2% in 2016.

"But according to Kyiv's city development strategy, tourism is identified as one of the priorities with the goal to achieve at least 2.6% of the city's GDP before 2025," the official said.

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Read alsoOver six mln tourists visit Ukraine in H1According to Plis, other objectives of the forum are to improve Kyiv's position in the Numbeo Safety Index rating, that is to climb from 217th place in 2015 to at least 50th or higher; to prolong the length of tourists' stay from 1.9 days in 2015 (the same in 2016) to three days in 2025; and improve the occupancy of hotel rooms from 30% in 2015 (34% in 2016,) to 68% in 2025.

"It is critical to create proper tourism infrastructure to achieve all the goals, which is why this investment forum is dedicated to the tourism industry," Plis said.