Photo from UNIAN

The Ridango’s ticketing hardware will be installed in 1,500 public transport on-ground vehicles with more than 5,000 validators altogether. All validators will also feature a 2D reader for convenient mobile ticket validation, reports.

In addition to the equipment, Ridango will supply the capital of Ukraine with a central system and the system operation services. The launch of the whole system is planned to take place in 2018.

“We are very excited about this project. Ukraine is a new market for us and Kyiv is the capital of a major European country. It is a big step forward for Ridango in becoming the largest player in the region,” Argo Verk, the sales director at Ridango, said in a statement.

Ridango was established in 2009 in Tallinn and is engaged in the development of public transport ticketing and real-time systems. The company offers turnkey solutions to municipalities and companies, acting as a complex service provider. So far, it has expanded to Nordic countries as well as Lithuania.