Kyiv to move from yellow to orange zone next week / REUTERS

Head of the Ukrainian State Food Safety and Consumer Protection Service's Main Department in the city of Kyiv Oleh Ruban says the capital city will become part of the orange quarantine zone after Ukraine again switches to the adaptive quarantine model next week.

"If we talk about today, it is in the yellow zone. If we talk about next week, it will be in the orange zone, as there will be a natural increase in cases associated with the season and the end of [the current strict] quarantine measures, as well as a surge in the incidence in the western regions," he told the RBC Ukraine news agency.

Ruban added the quarantine zones would be reviewed on a weekly basis.

"We will see changes since now there is an increase in cases in the western regions and in a week, it will Kyiv's turn," he said.

Read alsoKyiv to constantly stay in orange zone during adaptive quarantine, official saysThe official also explained why Kyiv had no chances to get into the green zone after the re-introduction of the adaptive quarantine. In addition, he admitted the situation could become even worse.

"There is no chance [for Kyiv] because of a large number of organized groups, migration of the population and pathogens that are recorded in different countries, outside Ukraine. The spread of the British and South African COVID-19 strains will hardly contribute to the situation," Ruban added.

Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine

  • The Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine's government, at a meeting on February 17 extended the coronavirus-related quarantine until April 30, 2021.
  • Thus, Ukraine reintroduces different epidemiological risk levels in the regions, namely green, yellow, orange, or red.
  • There will be some easing with the re-introduction of the adaptive quarantine. For example, the work of restaurants and cafes will be extended by another hour (they will close at 00:00); mass, cultural and sports events could be held if the occupancy rate does not exceed 50%; groups of no more than 20 people are allowed to attend educational institutions.
  • Since January 25, Ukraine has been put in the orange quarantine zone following the tough quarantine. The restrictions will be in effect until February 28.