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Kyiv could see a COVID-19 hike once the new academic year launches at schools and universities, municipal officials have warned.

That's according to Oleh Ruban who leads the city office of the State Service for Consumer Protection, RBC-Ukraine reports.

"First of all, the vacation period is over. This means that anti-records will be recorded every day. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, hospital load will increase because the number of people requiring hospitalization is going up," Ruban said.

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"This is natural, it is registered every September after the vacation period ends," he explained.

Coronavirus in Kyiv: background

The number of new COVID-19 cases the capital increased by 277 over the past day, including 17 children.

Most cases were reported in Desnyanskiy district (63). Darnytskiy district saw 38 cases, Obolonskiy and Solomenskiy districts saw 33 cases each.

In Ukraine, over the past day, the number of confirmed cases has increased by 2,141.

The new quarantine zoning has been enforced in Ukraine from Monday, August 31.