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Eyewitnesses reported a near-fatal accident at one of Kyiv's beaches in the Obolon district.

While hundreds of residents enjoyed a sunny day by the river, a group of children were digging a hole in the embankment's sand hill.

Eventually, the hole caved in as a girl, 10, was sitting inside, burying the child underneath a thick layer of sand.

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Several men rushed to the girl's rescue and managed to dig her out within just about 2 minutes.

Ребенок провел 2 минуты под горой песка на Оболонской набережной и чудом выжил. Сидим на Оболонской набережной. Дети...

Опубликовано Dasha Vershylenko Суббота, 6 июня 2020 г.

"Dry sand burial can totally engulf and compress a person... with no air pocket for breathing," reads the 2004 report by the Mayo Clinic, entitled "Accidental Burials in Sand: A Potentially Fatal Summertime Hazard."

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"Depending on the age and strength of the child, just 1 foot of sand may overwhelm respiratory and diaphragmatic force," the report says, adding that "Although accidental sand burial has its own set of clinical problems, clearing the airway is the main focus of treatment."