Photo from UNIAN

Two unidentified male perpetrators have opened gunfire at a Montenegro citizen in central Kyiv in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 26.

Shots were fired as the attackers drove by their target who was standing at the street alongside a female witness who was unharmed in the incident.

The two attackers rushed from the crime scene and abandoned their vehicle just about a hundred meters away, setting it on fire before further fleeing on foot.

The clumsy attempt to set the vehicle ablaze left one of the attacker's own jacket catching fire, as seen on a CCTV video.

The attackers are still at large while police are in active search for the suspects.

Authorities provided no update on the condition of the assassination attempt target, who was taken to a local hospital in the immediate aftermath of the attack. He sustained gunshot wounds to the chest, TSN reports.

Also, the news service says, citing own sources, that the Montenegro national could stand behind contracted killings across the European Union.