A traditional Retro Cruise event took place on Kyiv Day on Sunday, May 30.

The participants sporting vintage outfits rode their bicycles along the city's central streets, as reported by Ukraine's TSN TV news service.

Видео дня

Some female participants even didn't mind wearing high heels at the event.

This year, Retro Cruise was postponed several times due to poor weather conditions. In the end, it coincided with Kyiv Day celebrated on the last Sunday of May, much to the participants' delight.

Traditional retro cruises have been taking place in Kyiv for several years already, with public attention to them growing steadily. This year, about 100 people joined the event, inviting their parents and even bringing along their pets.

This year the route totaled nine kilometers and took about two hours to complete, watched by city residents and guests of the city, while local drivers seemed to treat the event with understanding.

After the bike ride, the event was marked with a jazz gig and a dance at Small Mariinsky Palace.