Photo from UNIAN

The famous Kyiv Zoo will open its doors to visitors starting Saturday, May 23, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko told an online briefing.

Face masks remain mandated, Mayor Klitschko stressed, according to an UNIAN correspondent.

The first stage of an ongoing major overhaul had recently been completed at the site.

"And now most of the zoo's territory looks completely different. A new entrance with a larger area and new premises. Public restrooms, a first-aid post. A modern universal aviary was set up for animals and birds," Klitschko said, specifying that now the construction of a new zone for primates is underway, while investors are sponsoring an oceanarium and food courts to be set up in a new building close to the new entrance.

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A large parking lot, able to host up to 500 cars, is set to be opened as early as July.

"I emphasize: the zoo will operate in compliance with sanitary standards and safety measures – in city park mode. Entry shall be prohibited without a face mask. There'll be temperature screening at the entrance. Sanitizers have been installed. A limit will be imposed on a number of visitors. I urge Kyiv residents to follow safety rules. Through applying all these measures we try to save your health and the health of your children," Klitschko emphasized.