Entrepreneurs, police clash amid rally downtown Kyiv / REUTERS

Clashes between entrepreneurs and police have been reported amid a rally downtown Kyiv.

Representatives of the SaveFOP [Save Individual Entrepreneurs] movement were trying to put up tents on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), but the police did not allow them to do this.

Photo from UNIAN
Photo from UNIAN

Protesters claim police officers used force and tear gas.

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Activists are trying to form a human chain to put up the tents.

Entrepreneurs' protests on December 15

  • Entrepreneurs have been rallying in Kyiv's government quarter since morning. Traffic on Hrushevskoho Street is blocked.
  • The protesters demand that the Verkhovna Rada consider and pass the proposed bills on simplified taxation for private entrepreneurs. They are also protesting against a possible lockdown.


  • Representatives of the SaveFOP movement regularly stage protests, demanding simplified taxation without cash registers for private entrepreneurs.
  • The Verkhovna Rada on December 1 passed bill No. 4439-d postponing until January 1, 2022, the obligation for entrepreneurs working within the simplified taxation system to use cash registers.
  • Nevertheless, protesters were not satisfied with the bill and they continue rallying, demanding more significant concessions.