The M07 highway (Kyiv - Kovel - Yahodyn) has been blocked by a group of activists in the town of Bucha just outside the capital city of Kyiv in an effort to highlight their demands to curb further construction of more apartment blocks in the nearby town of Irpin, one of Kyiv's satellites.

That's according to the Save Irpin Facebook page.

Law enforcers so far refrain from interfering, the report says, adding that traffic jams are building up on the site and in the adjacent streets, as seen on Google Maps.

Видео дня
Google Maps

The main reasons behind the protest action were announced the day before. Activists are outraged by the massive pace of real estate construction in Irpin, which they claim has caused

  • The doubling of Irpin population in recent years;
  • Daily traffic jams;
  • Daily power outages; and
  • Overcrowded kindergartens and schools.

Protesters claim they want to raise awareness across Ukraine of the Irpin's "feudal lords."