Photo from UNIAN, by Oleksiy Ivanov

For the first time in 140 years, the average daily air temperature was registered in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv on December 30, that is + 5.3°C, which was 0.7°C up against a record high temperature registered on December 30, 1913.

Read alsoFreezing rain aftermath paralyzes Kyiv (Photo, video)The climatic normal was exceeded by 7.3°С, which corresponds to the weather observed in late October, according to the Central Geophysical Observatory named after Boris Sreznevsky.

The maximum temperature in the afternoon rose to + 7.5°C, thus surpassing the previous record for this day in 1987 by 0.2°C.

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At the same time, the temperature in the morning of the last day of 2020 did not drop below + 7.6°C. The previous record value at + 3.2° registered in 1980 was exceeded by 4.4°C.

Record temperature in Kyiv in December

The early hours of December 30 were the warmest in Kyiv, as the temperature did not drop below + 4.5°C. The previous record at + 3.0°C reported in 2003 was overpassed by 1.5°C.