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The Kremlin says it doubts the effectiveness of the law on the re-integration of Donbas signed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on February 20.

Read alsoPoroshenko enacts law on re-integration of Donbas"The situation [in Donbas, eastern Ukraine] with the implementation of the Minsk accords has been discussed. You know that the law, which has recently been signed by the [Ukrainian] president, can unfortunately contribute little to the implementation of the Minsk agreements, to say the least," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on February 21, answering a question from an UNIAN correspondent why the talks between the Ukrainian and Russian foreign ministers were on the agenda of a Russian Security Council meeting.

"Moreover, experts fear the law could make hotheads in Kyiv revisit the idea of using force to address the situation in the country's southeast, which would have irreparable consequences. Of course, there was an exchange of views on this issue at yesterday's meeting of the [Russian] Security Council, particularly in light of the recent meeting between the two countries' foreign ministers," Peskov added.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Security Council members on February 20 discussed the results of talks between Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

The Klimkin-Lavrov meeting took place in Munich on February 16 on the sidelines of the 54th Munich Security Conference. It was held behind closed doors. According to the Ukrainian foreign minister, the meeting yielded no results.

Having enacted the Donbas re-integration law, Poroshenko said it does not violate any international obligations of Ukraine, including the Minsk peace agreements on Donbas.