Civil volunteer, Donbas war veteran, head of the Mir & Co charity fund Miroslav Gai has said Russia has been creating a giant military base on the Crimean peninsula.

He noted that the Russian Federation had deployed nuclear weapons and an S-400 air defense battery in Crimea, increased the number of personnel and redeployed aircraft.

Read alsoNineteen people missing in Russian-occupied Crimea – Smedlyaev"If Russia is forced to withdraw troops from Crimea, there won't be too much difficult technically – they have brought them and they will pull them back. The only question is that Russia is making a huge military base out of Crimea," the volunteer said during an online chat on the website of the Ukrainian news outlet Glavred.

"Once fertile soil in Crimea is now being destroyed by salinity, which makes the peninsula unsuitable for life. So, I'm afraid that all these processes are not for years, but for decades," Gai added.