Poroshenko responsible, Yatseniuk playing to the crowd, says the BBC's Stephen Sackur / Photo by UNIAN

"It’s obvious that Poroshenko is taking on a lot of responsibility, he is mature,” Sakur said.

“I assume the Prime Minister feels the same. [But] he is more politicized. With regards to some issues, such as joining the NATO, the prime minister decided to take a strong and aggressive stance - as opposed to the president. Many believe it to be unfeasible, because no plans are being voiced regarding Ukraine joining NATO in the foreseeable future."

Sackur said Yatseniuk’s statement about joining the alliance was political showmanship: in Ukraine’s current situation it is not the best time to apply for NATO membership.

"Poroshenko seems to be trying to adopt a responsible attitude, aimed at uniting the country. Yatseniuk might be manipulating the mood of the crowd," the BBC journalist said.