High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini says that there is no Ukraine fatigue in the EU.

"Not at all," she told UNIAN in an interview prior to her visit to Ukraine on March 11-12 when asked if there is Ukraine fatigue in the European Union and weariness with the Ukrainian leadership.

"Our political and diplomatic engagement is more intense than ever. Since last year Ukrainians coming to the European Union don't need a visa anymore, and our trade with Ukraine is going up. Last November we had a very successful Summit with our Eastern partners, including Ukraine, and we committed to twenty ambitious political goals to achieve by 2020," she said.

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"It is true that some of the reforms are not moving forward as quickly as we would like them to: yet we remain as committed as we always have been to the reform process, because our commitment is to the Ukrainian people," she added.

She also praised the achievements of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine.

"The Association Agreement was a great success. Together we have achieved important results, including through the free trade area, in very difficult circumstances. Last year, exports from Ukraine to the European Union grew by almost one third: this was the main driver of economic growth in the country, and the agreement still has to fulfil its full potential," she said.

However, she stressed the need for the adoption of legislation related to the Association Agreement.

"We know that some crucial legislation for the Association Agreement still has to be adopted. Work needs to be doubled in some crucial areas: anti-corruption is one of those and here we expect the law setting up an independent and efficient High Anti-Corruption Court to be passed, bringing the draft fully in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission," she said. "Another important step would be to make sure that the asset declarations of officials and high-profile public figures are actually analysed. We also expect a reform of the e-declarations system, so that it allows civil society and NGOs to do their work. This is what the people of Ukraine need and expect – and we will continue to be on their side, with our support to Ukraine's reform agenda."